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If you are a North Denver neighbor, perhaps you have walked by my house, it's aesthetic highlight being the aqua-blue french doors which open to my petite studio!

Hey there, neighbor!

I am re-writing the "About" page to attempt a mission.  I heard the euphemism Passionista recently and realized that is how I see myself, not only concerning ART, but about our neighborhood.


The pandemic has indeed distilled our lives into an often slower, black and white version lately.  But the rapidity with which the streets of our neighborhood are transforming in front of our eyes has been daunting and a bit sad.


Encouraging LOCAL is my way of reconciling with the change.  If you are new to Denver, or not, look for locally made and think about adding some of the fantastic art created by your neighbors to your home!


I have enjoyed getting to know my new neighbors on the art walks.  Thank you for caring about community!




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